Papers, articles & book


  • Punter, T., E. Dortmans, R. Bakx, K. Dieleman. Planning of mobile robots with various capabilities and their Testing Ground. Final Report RAAK MKB Let's Move IT project. 30 September 2020.
  • Dortmans, E., S. Alers, M. Bergman, T. Punter. Intelligence for Robots (I4R): An Applied Research Proposal on AI in Robots. Final Report CoE HTSM Intelligence4Robots project. 26 January 2020.
  • Punter, T., J. van Belle, M. Christiaans, O. Figaroa, B. Michielsen, B. Paszkowski. Developing a sensorgrid for a tomato greenhouse. Final Report RAAK MKB Scout project. 31 August 2019.
  • Punter, T., C. Schellekens, R. Mélotte, T. Broumels, L. Lakeman, J. Vos. Cybersecurity of robots in the Smart Industry (in Dutch). Final Report KIEM project HTS.03.008. 15 July 2019.


  • Teade Punter. A primer on digital twins - what, why and how? Digital Twin Academy Webinar for FH Aachen. 20 April 2022.
  • Jean-Paul Close & Teade Punter. How can citizens improve air quality?… in Eindhoven and in your city. Opening session for Internation Student Week. Eindhoven. 28th March 2022.
  • Teade Punter. Air Quality Monitoring with IoT - guest lecture for Mega international eductional program. 22nd April 2021.
  • Teade Punter. Robot software - overview presentation on research group. Online Presentation at ICT in Practice. 4th of February 2021.
  • Eric Dortmans. Embodied Intelligence - on modeling robot behavior by applying behavior trees to enable human robot cooperation. Online Presentation at ICT in Practice. 4th of February 2021.
  • Teade Punter. Status update RIF team. Online Presentation at 10th Robocup MSL International Workshop. 12th December 2020.
  • Teade Punter. Software for Smart Systems. Online Presentation at ASQ Fontys 2020. 3rd November 2020.
  • Teade Punter. How Smart Industry? Presentation at ICT in Practice. Eindhoven. 7th February 2020.
  • Teade Punter. Soccer Robots by Software Engineers. Presentation at 9th RoboCup MSL International Workshop. Eindhoven. 22th - 24th November 2019.
  • Suzana Andova, Eric Dortmans, Teade Punter. Modeling - models and learning. Presentation at Model Driven Engineering - Innovation Platform. Eindhoven. 28th of October 2019.
  • Teade Punter. Data for Smart Systems. Keynote presentation at Opening of Data Value Center Smart Industry. Eindhoven. 17th of October 2019.
  • Teade Punter. Engineering AI software for robotics. EU ECSEL Workshop on Autonomous Collaborative Systems. Eindhoven. 26th of September 2019.
  • Teade Punter. Smart Tactical Robots. Presentation at Brainport Industry day - Robot and Autonomous Systems unit of Dutch Royal Army. Oirschot. 24th of September 2019.
  • Eric Dortmans. Robot AI – How to teach my robot? Presentation at ICT in Practice. Eindhoven. 22nd of March 2019.
  • Eric Dortmans. How to model soccer robot software? – A comparison of approaches. Presentation at ICT Open. Hilversum. 19th March 2019.
  • Teade Punter. My (first) robot twin - On digital twins for system development. Keynote presentation at ASQ Fontys Dutch Technology Week.Eindhoven. 4th June 2018.
  • Teade Punter. How to develop robot software? Presentation at ICT in Practice Symposium of Fontys Hogeschool ICT. Eindhoven. 8th of March 2018.
  • Teade Punter. About the ICT in Practice 2018 theme. Opening ICT in Practice Symposium of Fontys Hogeschool ICT. Eindhoven. 8th of March 2018.

Workshops & interviews


  • Erik van Alphen. Robot Acties in de Zorg (ROAZ). Demonstrator of robot4care at ASQ Fontys 2020. 3rd November 2020.
  • Teade Punter. GamesIoT. Demonstrator of IoT-based measurement system for airscrubber effectiveness at ASQ Fontys 2020. 3rd November 2020.
  • Teade Punter, Thom vd Akker, Iwona Sikorska. Smart Tactical Robots. Demonstrator at Visit of Stuurgroep ‘Samenwerken Rijkoverheid met Hoger onderwijs’. 15th of January 2020.
  • Teade Punter. Smart Predictable Robots project - A Test environment for human pose recognition. Demonstrator at ICT in Practice. Eindhoven. 22nd of March 2019.


  • Egg picking robot with Hendrix Genetics, 2019.
  • RIF Soccer robot for Robocup MSL, 2018 - 2022.
  • Monitoring robot with HERE Technologies, Sorama & MWLC - 2020 - 2021.
  • Smart Tactical Robot with RAS unit of Dutch army, 2019 - 2021.
  • IoT Measurement system for Airscrubber, with Romicon, 2020 - 2021.
  • IoT Measurement system for Airquality, 2021.
  • Robot is geen superbesmetter (RIGS) robot with TSG, VDL-ETG, Fourtress & Bavaria, 2020 - 2022
  • Digital Twin for Mechatronic Transfer System with Fontys Engineering, 2021 - 2022

Course material

  • Cees van Tilborg, Teade Punter, Renata Frenken, Jan Dobbelsteen, Simona Orzan, Robin Agterberg en Arno Vos - Smart Infrastructure - een curriculum en onderwijsmodules voor een post-HBO opleiding. Opleidingsprogramma voor Smart Infra / Astrin academy. 2018 - 2021.
  • Casper Schellekens, Vincent Denneman, Peter Hoogenberg, Teade Punter - Zelf aan de slag - workshop voor cybersecurity in de smart industry. 2019.