Acting on Air Quality

Citizen science, IoT-based measurement
Acting on Air Quality


Airquality is an important asset for health and wellbeing in today's society. A variety of common hotspots for pollution in the air exist, e.g., building sites, airports, intensive agricultural farming, as well as urban citizens themselves when driving their cars or burning wood or doing a BBQ. Urban and country citizens might recognize this, but have generally speaking limited knowledge of it.
With the widespread availability of sensor nodes and wireless networks, it is possible to conduct more air quality measurement intensively to improve our understanding of air quality. This initiative aims at developing prototype air quality measurement systems that is usable by citizens.
The prototype is a software application, including API with the sensor, Myrianed radio communication, a database and dashboard, which can easily be installed by people that have a non-ICT background.

Since 2022 we are working together with Aireas on airquality measurements in the city of Eindhoven. The city has a three layered network of sensors (RIVM, TNO and Aireas sensors) and is interested in how to inform its citizens about airquality, as well as how to apply the measurement results for improving air quality (so-called citizen science). The cooperation has resulted in several student projects on e.g., what to do with the data, how to present data. An example of a project conducted Fall 2022 is on airquality in and around Eindhoven.