Sensing & Positioning

AGV Planning, Lidar, UWB, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning
Sensing & Positioning


Positioning the robot will be an important feature of the robot. The robot has to be able to work both indoors and outdoors, and has to be able to bring orders to the customer's table. Positioning should help to check if the planned route of the robot is followed and the correction of steering should be done accordingly.

A variety of techniques is available that might be applicable for mobile robots, such as:

  • Ulta wide Band (uwb)
  • Lidar and SLAM
  • Augmented Reality
  • Beacons

This research topic is a cross-over of rbots and the sensoring / IoT topic that the research group is already addressing. The focus is on how to integrate appropriate positioning techniques in robot systems. The research question is: which positioning techniques is appropriate for which application?

Student projects

Indoor positioning
Update 01.05.20 Sensing & Positioning

Indoor positioning

Student projects on indoor positioning with Ultra Wide Band (UWB).