Digital Twin Academy

Digital Twin is a technology that enables the creation of a digital representations of machine or product using sensors in those systems as well. This technology is essential for the Smart Industry, Healthcare, City planning and many other sectors that face the digitization of their processes and products.

The Digital Twin Academy is a joint project of Belgian, German and Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences (EMR stands for Eurogio Maas Rijn) and also many companies that want to find the question on how to apply digital twin in their industry. The project conducts many case studies and will offer education and seminars.

The project starts in March 2021. Fontys ICT (HTES Research Group) is coordinator for the work done by researchers of 5 Fontys Research Groups, belonging to 3 Fontys Institutes (ICT, Engineering and Transport & Logistiek).

The work of Fontys focuses on case studies on digital twins (WP4). Case studies will be conducted on:

  • Smart Industry Twin - to enable small and medium enterprises to work on their digitization.
  • Digital City Twin - to enrich open data (air quality) with public area info and other data sources, to define useful eco-score.
  • Robot4Care Twin - to improve care/hospital environments with robots and IoT.
  • Virtual/animal Twin - to speed up footage to learn agro tools working in greenhouses with vegatables and conduct continuous experiments with animals.

These case studies will be elaborated on behalf of the methodology of the consortium. The focus is on mirroring the reality and correspond this digitization with the reality. Meanwhile connectors are made. This could e.g., be the sensoring that is in the real world and that generates the data for the digital representation.

More student projects

Machine Data
Update 26.02.21 Digital Twinning

Machine Data

Student projects: on interconnecting machines by Asset Administration Shells (AAS).