Machine Data

Machine Data

A typical shopfloor consists today of a variety of machines that produce and consume many sensor data. The variety and multitude of machines as well as company needs for operational excellence as well as quality delivery, require that machine data are better used. Machine are data sources, which is denoted as Industrial IoT (IIoT). The machines that are used by the industry generate and apply more and more data. These data are needed for the digitization of the industry, which is denoted as Industrie 4.0 or Smart Industry.

In this context, companies are looking for smart machine logging. Machines are unlocked. In the context of Industrie 4.0 and RAMI and generic approach for unlocking machines is under construction: the asset administration shell (AAS).

Our applied research focuses on the lessons learned and trade-offs of machine interconnection with AAS for companies in the Brainport region. The student projects focus on ways to define AAS, its tooling and the experiences with AAS. A demonstrator of AAS was developed for a miniature bridge. Projects to develop the shells with companies have been started.

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