Digital Factory

Industrial IoT, data centric approach, RAMI, AAS, Digital Twin, Brainport Industry Campus
Digital Factory


The Digital Factory of the Future project works with the manufacturing industry in the Brainport to experiment with data-driven innovation and technology. The project’s objective is to show companies how a digital factory will work, to envision these companies to implement this themselves. The project delivers an reference architecture for data sharing within and between companies that will be validated with various relevant industrial use cases.

The HTES Research group coordinates the Fontys participation in the project. Other participating research groups are Big Data & AI, Operational Excellence and Mechatronics and Robotics. Fontys conducts its applied research with student groups. We worked since project start (2019) on several data driven innovations:

  • Block chain for integrated facilities in WP5 on Traceability of Data
  • Analysis of machine usage for Overall Equipment Excellence (OEE) in WP6 on Planning and Sharing of Data.
  • Asset Administration Shell for the manufacturing industry in WP7 on Utilization of Data. Student projects.

Data and the link with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the interest of the research group. We are interested in the standards that will be introduced by Smart Industry / Industrie 4.0, such as RAMI and AAS. How to apply them to enable companies to introduce smartness in their factories?