Cybersecurity for IoT

Security by design, Sensornetworks, Attacks, Defense.
Cybersecurity for IoT


Internet-of-Things (IoT) is turning out to be one of the weakest spots in the infrastructure of our society. The Internet of Things represents one of the biggest challenges (and - as of today - failures) for cybersecurity and cyber-privacy. The INTERSECT-project addresses this societal and technical challenge by adopting a completely new, foundational perspective that brings together security research (e.g. design, defence, attack generation) with legal and criminology approaches. Keeping in mind that we are talking about potentially Billions of devices, the security risks are growing increasingly. INTERSECT is funded by Nationale Wetenschaps Agenda (NWA). Updates and results of the Intersect project:

Focus of Fontys ICT in the INTERSECT project is on:

  • Design - Develop and Apply Security by Design principles and methods in all layers in IoT: Network, Software,
    Hardware, Data, Environmental peripherals.
  • Defense - Develop and Apply defence mechanisms in IoT environment, such as analysis of attacks, attack attempts and other
    types of misuse.
  • Attacks - Execute penetration tests on IoT technologies, systems and application environments


Best Practices
04.02.21 Cybersecurity for IoT

Best Practices

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